I love feedback & hearing how much fun my clients have during our sessions!!!

Here are some of my latest reviews:

  • "The buxom blonde who could turn a dagger in your heart just as soon as she could seal it with a kiss came to embody the American male's fantasy. Veronica Lake, Lana Turner, Grace Kelly etc., these sultry women, with their ethereal beauty and sweet perfume cloaking an air of danger gave new dimensions to the meaning of "carnality". Carissa is living proof that more than a half century later, the "blonde bombshell" is still the fire that stokes many of our deepest sexual appetites. Statuesque (like she was quarried out of marble), vivacious, and lethal, you understand why so many of those saps in the old black-and-white movies fell victim so helplessly. I've sessioned with Carissa a couple times now, and if I'm not dreaming of suffocating beneath her sculpted bottom I'm having a nightmare :) As if her professional portfolio doesn't speak for itself, you only need to meet her to know what a sweetheart she is. Kind, disarming, and observant of all your keenest desires, she's that rare professional who truly cares about her clients. On the times when I when find myself in her region of the country, she's more than worth the drive and yes, the speeding tickets to go see her. The community is privileged to have Carissa, an angel who can tempt you with her wings before skewering you with a pitchfork."
    -SJ, Charlotte, NC

  • "My session with Carissa was awesome. Carissa is beautiful, friendly, with power legs and knows her business. I did a scissors and other wrestling holds session. She will have you tapping more than Fred Astaire. If Carissa is in your area, it will be well worth your time."
    DG, Pittsburgh, PA

  • "Wow. It's so rare to find someone who's interests and passions are so closely aligned. Carissa and I shared 3 hours that went by like mere minutes. She looks way better than her photos, and her legs are a complete surprise. Once trapped, she has more control in which muscles she flexes than anyone I've ever seen. Beyond the wrestling (her chokes are quite wicked when she wants them to be), we did an interrogation scene. This girl knows her bondage! It took her minutes, with me resisting, to have me quite inescapably tied. Imagine being completely unable to tap and having two steel bars pressed against your neck. She is completely amazing. A gorgeous perfectionist who's skill and passions will leave you breathless and your mind and body completely under her control. "
    MS, Menlo Park, CA.

  • "I did my first ever session with Carissa today. From the minute I walked in she immediately made me feel comfortable and I knew I made the right choice. We started with some armwrestling and bicep flexing. .. she is incredibly strong for her size. We moved on to some wrestling and scissor holds. Her legs are incredible and she wasn't even squeezing nearly as hard as she could have! Carissa was great to talk to, fun to be with and made my first time unforgettable. I wouldn't hesitate to see her again!"
    Mike, Norwalk, CT.

  • "I had my first session with the amazing Carissa Montgomery this week. Carissa was easy to schedule with, beautiful, charming, witty and skilled. Her scissors are very strong and left me appropriately sore the following day. Her high energy, positive personality made the time fly by. Carissa was well-prepared and included every aspect of the match we discussed in our emails."
    RP, CT.

  • "Carissa was easy to communicate with first via email and later via phone on the day of our session. She arrived on time looking like $1,000,000 in street clothes. We relaxed for a few moments getting to know each other and then she took off to change into her fetish gear. She entered the bedroom looking now like $2,000,000. We started with some shoe/heel worship which worked into foot/ankle worship. She wanted to get me bound, which she did so expertly with a number of lengths of rope. She is a master at tying balls tightly which she too great pleasure in doing, placing both teasing touches and slightly painful flicks here and there during the bondage process. The end result was me bound tightly on the bed, balls stretched beautifully with rope and me at her mercy (as if I was not at her mercy from the second that she entered the room). She beautifully bound a small vibrator to my hard cock for a steady stream of teasing to go with the caresses, flicks, spanks and whips now attacking my balls. Now she attacked my exposed nipple first lightly and increasing the pressure every so often. Off came the small vibrator. She placed a hitachi on the bed on low vibration and instructed me to find it (I am still tightly bound) with my cock. She sat back and amused herself with my condition and struggles, I eventually was able to position my cock onto the vibrator and lightly masteurbate against it without moving the hitachi away. This continued to her amusement and my frustration for some time, until she turned the vibrator up to high and allowed me to fuck it until I came. I came and came hard!!! She unbound me, we enjoyed another conversation and we wished each other well and look forward to seeing each other sometime down the road. As I mentioned, this was only the tip of the iceberg in terms of our mutual interests. We should have worked to carve out another hour or so for additional bondage and a deeper dive into the kinks that lay in the recesses of Carissa's mind. She is a very sexy, intelligent and creative woman and I do look forward to seeing her again one day for a longer session.
    Billy, Tampa, Florida.

  • "Had a 2 hour session with Carissa Montgomery from Philly. This girl is absolutely beutiful and very precise on her arrival time. She carried the session instructions perfectly . You cannot go wrong by sceduling a session with this beauty. She is absolutely wonderful and friendly to talk to. It is an honer to be able to session with such a hot gal."
    TS, Philadelphia, PA.

  • "I contacted Carissa about making a custom video and she did a excellent job with it! She was fast to respond to my emails, and really took the time to listen to my ideas for a custom video. Carissa is beautiful and she has great acting skills! She was able to get the custom video filmed quick and sent it to me not long after it was filmed. If you want a custom video done, you won't find anyone better than Carissa."
    BPR, Ridgeview, WV.

  • "Carissa is a pleasure to do a wrestling session with. She is the perfect combination of beauty and skill, and knows a variety of wrestling holds. The best part about Carissa is her amazing personality, which makes every minute spent with her worth it. Carissa truly is a complete package and I highly recommend her for any type of session."
    Rick, Philadelphia, PA.

  • "Carissa is incredibly beautiful, understanding, and friendly. She looks just like her amazing photos and can accommodate almost any type of fantasy. Her roleplaying and acting abilities are impeccable. Her scissors are incredibly strong too and will have you tapping out easily. Make sure to book a longer session because the hours are guaranteed to fly by."
    Dan, Detroit, MI.